How to make quick, easy and yummy bean stew

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With economic times such as they are, a healthy food that last longer than one meal is a good thing to have.  This stew is so easy, and very, very tasty.  You’ll just need a crock pot.  If you don’t have one, go to a local thrift store.  Thrift stores generally have very good prices on gently used items.  Crock pots seem to be under-rated.  I’m super glad I have one…and yep, it came from a thrift store!

Step 1. All ingredients will go into your crock pot. We tend to set the stew on low, and wait 1-2 hours while it simmers and cooks. Take 1 can of Black Beans, 1 can of Chili Beans, and 1 can of Mixed Vegetables, and dump them into the crock pot.

Step 2. Cut up about 1/2 pound of meat; pork, chicken, or whatever you desire. Add this to the crock pot with the vegetables and beans.

Step 3. Add spices like basil leaves, meat tenderizer, lemon pepper, garlic powder, or ground garlic. Season to taste. We mix all this in and it really tastes great!

Step 4. Let the crock pot warm until the meat is at a desired tenderness. About 1/2 – 1 hour for chicken; 1-2 hours for pork. To check readiness, simply check a piece of meat to see if it’s cooked to your liking.

Step 5. Pour and serve! Enjoy the easiest bean stew you’ll ever make. It’s amazing how great tasting something so quick can be!  


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