You’re pregnant! How to keep a journal, blog or scrapbook.

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PHOTO JOURNALING: This is a great way to keep track of a pregnancy. You can ask someone to take a photo of your belly’s progress every few weeks (time it with ultrasound photos as well) and paste in a book. You might also opt to post it online to share with others.

BLOGGING: There are several blog sites that you can use. My favorite is See the resources below to go directly to my blog. Another good one is and this one is great because you can meet up with other expectant moms.

ONLINE: A lot of women use myspace to track their pregnancy since you can keep it private and also keep your blogs private as well. They enjoy being part of different mommy groups and meeting other moms to exchange info with.

SCRAPBOOKING: This is becoming less and less popular since online blogging and journaling is much cheaper (and usually free). But, it is still a great thing to do. I actually prefer to do the next method listed before scrapbooking.

BOX MEMORY: I have a box with all of my wedding memorabilia in it. It’s kind of my plan to someday make a scrapbook with the stuff but I haven’t gotten around to it. You can do the same for your baby. Instead of making a scrapbook right away, throw different memorabilia (such as ultrasound photos, cards from loved ones, belly photos, shower photos and much more). Also include a letter from yourself (and daddy if he wants). Even if you never get around to making the scrapbook, it is still a cool thing to give to your child someday.



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