How to Earn Residual Income on the Internet

There are a few ways to build up a residual income on the internet that cost you nothing but time. One way, as you already now, is to right articles for web content producers and earn money for page views.

There are other services out there that let you create un-limited single web pages and make money on the advertisement. The process explained below will get you started in earning additional income. Just remember the more relative content pages you create the more money you will earn.

Step1 :

Go to and register for an account.


Go to and register for an account


Go to and sign up for an individual account. Google Adsense account will be needed so you can earn money on Squidoo and HubPages.


Get familiar with Squidoo and HubPages and read all the support documentation. Look at Squidoo lenses that others have created to get ideas on how you can create your own. Do the same for Hubpages.


Sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account. This will help you earn additional income on Squidoo and Hubpages. Go to


Brainstorm some ideas on what you would like to write about. Usually whatever your passion is works. Use Google AdWords tool to get ideas on highly searchable words and phrases. Using highly searchable words in your title and content will give you better rankings in the search engines. The Google AdWords tool can be found at:


Expose your web pages by submitting them to Free Search Engine Submission Sites. Also list them on your Social Networks.


Become familiar and use all the creative ways Squidoo and Hubpages can earn you residual income. This is not a get rich overnight business but with some hard work and time you can earn some additional money you did not have before.

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