Stop using Txt Tlk!

One thing that really ticks me off is when people use “lol, brb, txt, tlk, cya, ftw, btw, u, ur,” or any other stupid little abbreviation. Why? There are several reasons, chief among them is the fact that it’s annoying to go from reading published articles and newspapers to shortened, blatantly incorrect text.

It’s disrespectful, to say the least. People in our society, especially teenagers, no longer want to listen to authority. There are rules of grammar, and when you don’t use apostrophes in your possessives while writing, you are violating these laws. In a sense, you are being disrespectful to the fact that people have ways of reading and writing that are recognized to be “right.” We have rules, and you aren’t accomplishing anything by breaking them.

Additionally, it makes it difficult when you need to sit down and write a paper to transition from one method of speech to another. I have talked to people who say, “I write like I text, and I need to edit it afterwards.” Well, it would be a lot easier if you texted the right way, now wouldn’t it? For example, I talk, text, IM, and write papers using the same basic langauge; I don’t have to worry about ever “using proper grammer” because I am so adjusted to doing it every day that it seems natural. Make it easier for yourself and use proper grammar in all methods of speech.

Finally, it just isn’t cool anymore. Today, we have phones that allow us to text complete sentences in seconds; we don’t need the abbreviations anymore, people. Instead, you should focus on getting your point across coherently instead of trying to be cool, because, let’s face it, it’s really gone out of style. Save yourself some humiliation and use proper grammar while texting; I guarantee that you won’t get any flak for it.

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