How to Install Low Voltage Lighting

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Low voltage lighting is a great way to light up the walkway to your house or the driveway to your garage. It can also be used to light up flower beds, patio and just about anything else you can think of.

Before purchasing your Low Voltage Light Kit you need to determine how long your path is going to be and how many lights you will be using. You will need to buy a light kit that can power the amount of lights you want to set up. The step down transformer that converts 120 volts to 12 volts needs to be strong enough to light up the amount of lights you want to use. If the transformer is underrated your lights will be too dim.

Material and Tools:

Low Voltage Light Kit

Electric Drill

Drill Bits

Wood Screws




Unpack light kit and check parts against part list. Wire transformer according to manufacture’s instructions.


Drill hole to mount your transformer. Remember your transformer needs to be next to 120 volt GFCI outlet that’s on a timer. If the light kit uses a photoelectric sensor then you won’t need a timer.


Assemble lights using the manufacture’s installation instructions.


Position lights on the ground and layout the path you want them installed. Do the same for the electrical cable.


Connect the lights to the electrical cable. Refer to manufacture’s installation instructions for details.


Dig a small trench for the cable to be buried in and insert the lights into the ground.


Plug the lights into a GFCI outlet that is on a timer and test lights. If lights work to your satisfaction, then precede to burry the cable.


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