We Ordered Our Wedding Bands Online…

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Costco Wholesale Jewelry

Matching 14 KT yellow gold wedding bands, comfort-fit.

With tax and shipping it all come to under $250 for both.
My band is a size 6, his is a size 13. Price varies on size.

We’ve been wearing them since October 1, 2005

As newlyweds, we went on a very detailed and thorough search for matching wedding bands. As a member of Costco – I knew that they sold jewelry there, but one of the clerks was kind enough to tell me that there is a HUGE jewelry selection online and gave me a sales pitch on how only Tiffany’s has better quality jewelry. He then showed me his own white gold wedding band which was absolutely stunning and admirable.

Sure enough, we went online and found a very nice selection of wedding bands. The price was definitely GREAT. Even though it was hard not to try on the bands first, we didn’t hesitate ordering our bands because we knew that if we didn’t like them – we could return them to ANY Costco for a 100% refund.

When they arrived via UPS – we were beyond satisfied. We took them to JCPenney’s to have them sized (Costco does not do this) and they were amazed at how nice they were. One clerk even whispered she had never seen anything so nice go through their store. She also said that their wedding bands are only 1.5 mm thick, while the ones we got at Costco are 2 mm thick. This means there is actually more gold in our bands than most other wedding bands.

A friend of mine who specializes in buying jewelry took one look at my band and said that I was easily wearing a $400 worth band. When I told her that it had only cost $89 at Costco – she accused me of pulling her foot. It’s nice to know that the rings we are wearing are an instant investment.

We haven’t had them officially appraised and I am sure anyone could easily do this. If we had gotten diamonds – I would have done this for insurance purposes. They are already showing signs of wear – smudges and a few scratches. But nothing that can’t be polished out. All jewelry does this anyway.


What product did you purchase or try to purchase? 14 KT Wedding Bands


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