How to Cook a Grilled Cheese Sandwhich or Patty Melt On The Wood Stove

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Make sure the wood stove is blazing hot. This is very important. If it is not hot, the food will take a long time to cook and may not turn out to your liking. It is best to cook on the wood stove when you first make a fire because that is when the top of the wood stove is at it’s hottest.

Grease the frying pan with olive oil and heat on the wood stove. While it is heating, prepare your sandwhiches.

I don’t recommend butter. Years ago, my husband taught me that the best way to cook UNBURNED grilled cheese sandwhiches is by using mayonaise. This will become your new secret as it will result in delicious golden brown crusts.

Place the first piece of bread on the pan. Add your cheese and/or your Patty Melt supplies. I make a very simple Patty Melt by just using cheese and turkey lunch meat. It doesn’t sound like much, but it tastes gourmet. Also for the melt, I will add some mayonaise to the insid of the sandwhich itself. Some people will add grilled onions to their grilled cheese or patty melt sandwhich.

Watch your sandwhiches closely. It can take less than 5 minutes to cook if your wood stove is hot. Although, there was a time it took me 20 minutes because we had a day when the wood stove did NOT want to get hot enough. Regardless, always keep a close eye on it.

When bread is golden brown and the cheese has melted, remove and serve. Enjoy and don’t burn your tongue!


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