How to give a body massage

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The upper body

Have the subject lie faceup on a padded surface, like the floor or a table. Begin by stroking the person’s face gently with your fingertips, moving from the center outward and ending with a circular motion at the temples. Massage along the cheeks and the jawbones. Use a firm press and release action along the upper ridge of the eye sockets.

Using your fingertips, massage the scalp hard enough to move the skin. Cradle the subject’s head as you work on the neck muscles with your fingers. Pay special attention to the bulges at the base of the skull. Lay the person’s head down gently and, with a hand on each shoulder, push downward toward the feet. In a kneading motion, massage the muscles along the tops of the shoulders.

The torso

Place yor hands palms down, resting just below the collar-bone, thumbs touching. Start by using a gliding stroke downward, applying medium pressure to the chest and less to the stomach. Pull firmly up one side at a time. Place your hands, fingers down, on the subject’s side and pull the flesh upward, alternating hands and squeezing the flesh as you go, along the entire side. Penetrate the top of the chest with your fingertips.

Arms and legs

Hold the subject’s wrist with both of your hands and apply a firm gliding stroke toward the armpit. With both hands, pull firmly back down the sides of the arm and over the finger. Next, wring the arm by grasping it with both hands and rotating them vigorously back and forth along the entire length.

Use the same gliding stroke for the legs. Pull the inside of the thigh. Then, with your hands supporting the knee, trace the furrow around the kneecap with your thumbs. Work circles on either side of the bone. Wring the legs, as you did the arms, and work the feet as you did the hands, applying more pressure to the heels.


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