How to Cheat on Multiple Choice Tests

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We all know we’re not suppose to, but hey, things happen every now and then where you just have got to do what you have got to do. Sometimes, there are subjects where your strengths don’t benefit you and no matter what you do or how hard you try to learn or understand it, you just don’t. 

My weakness is advanced mathematics like algebra, etc. I have no issue with basic math, doing finances, and so on. So I had used this technique to cheat and pass on quite a few multiple choice tests in my life, be it in high school,college, or to get a job. Ready?


1) Naturally slouch in your chair so that you can see the answers of the person in front of you by glancing through their armpit (If it’s open) or if their paper is sticking out from either side of the desk i.e. their body is not blocking it. The slouching is a cover for you, because if you were sitting up and trying to look, it would be more obvious.

2) You get the answers by paying attention to where the pencil dots are on their answer sheet, also look for patterns (kind of like connect the dots but without drawing the line through them). This is not difficult to make out from where you’ll be sitting as long as you have no vision problems.

3) Naturally glance at the person sitting BESIDE the one in front of you (either side, doesn’t matter which, the one that you can see the clearest). Compare that person’s answers to the person in front of you. If they are almost the same, use them. Only glance at this person’s paper for a limit of 2-5 seconds, you can do this more than once if you didn’t get it the first time, just don’t do it right after the last 2-5 seconds.

When glancing at this “side” person, it helps to use a cover such as rubbing your forehead, one of your eyes, etc. You must find one of those methods or a similar one that allows you to conceal the fact that your eyes are looking in that person’s direction.

4) This method can be used for any test, multiple choice or not. If there are some questions which you know for sure will be on the test or that you have a gut feeling about, it’s best to type the answers in a text document on your computer, make the font size as small as you can see and cut the sentences a little short. 

What you’re going to do is print this page out, cut around it, and tape it to the palm of your hand. This method is a bit limited because you can only fit so many answers on this little piece of paper.


  • Remember to pay close attention to the dots/answers, they are patterns and patterns that consist of A-B-C-D are easy to memorize.
  • Use your timing carefully. Remember, it has to look natural.
  • When it comes to cheating on tests, morals are the last thing anyone should be questioning. Ask yourself this question: If you’re speeding down a street to reach someone who is in danger and you’re about to run a red light, what’s more important – Following the rules or where you’re going to?


  • It’s best to practice this with three people first. Have one be the teacher walking around and supervising, then have two people be the students (one in front of you and one across from that person).

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