How to Beat "Twisted Metal 2" Without Losing Any Lives

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“Twisted Metal 2” is an absolute classic sequel and a favorite game of mine, it was the best entry in the “Twisted Metal” video game franchise. I’ve played it so many times, single-handedly and co-op, now I have a few tricks to share with you that will show you how to beat the game without losing any lives and without cheating.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Twisted Metal 2
  • PlayStation, PS2, or PS3


1. Level 1 – Los Angeles:

Gather as many weapons as you can from around the level until you are stocked up, avoid destroying any enemies at all costs, defensive firing is acceptable. Until your weapon inventory is full, destroy your enemies from two hideouts – On top of the two tunnels and inside the gated room above the street which is entered by bridge or teleportation. Be sure to set a remote on the bridge as an enemy trap. Be sure to stock up on enough weapons (especially remotes) before moving on to the next level.

2. Level 2 – Moscow:

This is the first hardest level to pass without losing any lives. The trick here is to never stop moving until there are at least two enemies left. Drive around the level, trying to avoid fire from your opponents at all costs. You should have enough weapons and remotes to do battle here. The trick is to get the enemies one by one, freeze them, then set a remote and detonate it. Add some homing missiles into the mix and napalms and it’s a wrap.

3. Level 3 – Paris:

Repeat the same method as Level 1, get as much weapons as possible until you can’t take anymore. That is your first focus. Then, go to the tower and set a remote trap. Once the enemy teleports up, the remote will explode, turbo out of there and go back once it’s done blowing up. Drive down the newly created ramp/bridge from the tower to the building. Set a remote on the center of the bridge so that whoever teleports into the tower is trapped there and can only get out by blowing themselves up. While they are trapped, send some ricochets, homing missiles, and anything similar you can find at them from where you are.

4.  Level 4 – Amazonia:

Repeat same as Level 1 and 3, weapons, weapons, weapons. Your hideouts this time are the underground tunnel where you will set a remote at the end that you blew open and then there’s the building with two hidden doors for you to blow open and hide in. You will be hiding in the room on the left facing you with a remote inside of it, from there, freeze and fire everything you got at the enemies as they pass by your view. Make sure you stock up on more ammo and weapons before fighting Minion. When fighting Minion, try to attack him from as far a distance as possible, freezing, remotes, napalms, and homing missiles work quite well. Your hiding place will be the second one I mentioned here.

5. Level 5 – New York:

Collect as many weapons as you can and head to the swimming pool. Set a remote inside the pool and wait for an enemy to fall on it. Once the trap has sprung, unload your firepower onto the enemy from above the water. Rinse and repeat. Once they’re not coming to the pool anymore, carefully work your way around the rooftops, using freezes, ricochets, and power missiles to knock them closer to and off the ledges. Just be sure not to drive too fast when near a ledge.

6. Level 6 – Antarctica:

This is the second hardest level in the game. If you can, you need to freeze enemies as long as possible until the glacier they’re on collapses. But the main focus is once again getting weapons and ammo. Once you’re packed with all of that, ricochets, remotes, and freezing all come handy. The trench and the teleportation island are your main hideouts. For the second one, use the remote trap method I mentioned for the swimming pool in Level 5, works like a charm.

7. Level 7 – Holland:

This is the hardest level in the entire game. There is practically no hiding place here. This is like Level 2 but much bigger. The trick is to keep collecting weapons and ammo then keep moving and attacking, on and off, on and off. You’ve got 9 enemies to tackle here.

8. Level 8 – Hong Kong:

You know the routine – weapons and ammunition. Once you’ve got enough, make use of the lightning room by staying up top and as well as the subways. Those two main areas will be your advantage points over your enemies when you attack them. When you get to Dark Tooth, just make sure you’ve got enough weapons and ammo – freezes, remotes, and ricochets work best, power missiles too. When fighting Dark Tooth, the trick is to keep driving and dodging while firing, never stop and try not to miss.


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