Keys to Search Engine Optimization

A site which cannot be found is useless. Here are the main things your site needs in order to be optimized. The search engine optimization process requires constant work in order to to keep your site fresh.

Good Content: Google recently denounced the duplicate content penalty, though it will not hurt you to have unique content on your website. The more frequently the site is updated with fresh content, the more google will crawl the site over time to update it in the search engines.

Backlinks: A link is a “vote” for site A from site B. When Site B links to Site A, the search engines keep track of each vote. The more links your site has to it, the higher it will rank over time. This does not mean to go on a linking frenzy–the links should be valuable to the website and in the same niche and related to the site.

Traffic: This is the catch 22–you need traffic to gain rankings, but you need rankings to help you earn traffic. Google tracks the time a user spends on each page within the website, along with “clickbacks” the number of times a user lands on your site and clicks back to the results page because he or she did not find what they were looking for. With too many clickbacks, you risk losing rank over time.

This means you should write your content with keywords in mind and update the site regularly. Market your site to others in your niche and use social networking to get visits. Watch your competitors to find ways to make your site different from the others. Make sure the site has something the users are looking for and makes them not only want to stick around for a while, but makes them want to come back for more.

Remember, SEO takes time and the overall tactics are a mystery as no one knows the real algorithms, and even Goolge will tell you, they change frequently.

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