TOMS Shoes review

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Have you ever noticed the AT&T commercial featuring Blake Mycoskie chief shoe giver for TOMS Shoes. Blake traveled to Argentina in 2006 and became friends with some local kids and noticed the sores on there bare feet. Blake returned to Argentina a year later with ten thousand pairs of shoes made possible by TOMS Shoes costumers, and with help from family, friends, and staff distributed to children.Ever since Blake’s first trip the company has been increasing the number of shoes dropped to children in need every year. TOMS Shoes is a shoe company who’s motto is one for one. The TOMS Shoe company promises for every pair of shoes purchased a pair will be given to a child in need. Shoes produced by TOMS Shoes are environmentally and vegan friendly. The shoes produced by TOMS Shoes are so great for the environment that the only way you could be greener is to hand make your own pair of shoes.

TOMS Shoes usually come in flat slip on style. TOMS Shoes are produced from materials like canvas, denim, and burlap. The verity of colors and designs are excellent. TOMS Shoes has partnered up with the popular Element Skateboard Co. to produce a few TOMS Shoes designed with Element logos. Other unique TOMS Shoes feature hand painted shoes by Tyler Ramsey. TOMS Shoes can be purchased in every size male, female and youth. I have found the best way to order is from but the site also features maps of retailers in local areas.

My girlfriend had just received her first pair of TOMS Shoes a few days ago and I have to admit I was surprised by there quality. TOMS Shoes has a very good delivery system the shoes she ordered by ground arrived right as planned. With the shoes she ordered she received some cool free items. Along with the shoes delivered came a free TOMS Shoes logo sticker, a TOMS Shoes cloth shoe bag with draw strings and an offer to win a trip on the next TOMS shoe drop. She said,”for a flat shoe TOMS Shoes are very comfortable”. The shoe has a slit arch in the inner sole that increases comfort. “TOMS Shoes are a very light shoe that you hardly notice them when your wearing them” my girlfriend claims. After the arrival of my girlfriends pair I can not wait for the pair I ordered. I have to admit there where so many colors and designs of TOMS Shoes it took me a while to decide which pair I wanted. I decided on a pair of tan canvas stichout design and I can not wait to ware them.


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