I Must Have Drank a Lot of Coffee Today

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I knew I shouldn’t have. But what can I say, I’m addicted. Everytime I smell that aroma of coffee beans, instant or freshly brewed I just end up with watery mouth and I must have them. It’s like a chococolate fix that I must take everyday and every meal. They say coffee is bad for your health. But I’m more alive when I drink coffee, though it stains my teeth.

I know reading your letters are bad for my health too. They make my heart palpitate. I think I’m starting to develop a heart problem that no doctor can fix. I know I shouldn’t have drank that coffee. But it’s so addicting, like your letters, They’re so addicting. It seems I can no longer get by any day without getting a fix of you. This morning, when you wrote that  you’re starting to miss me everyday, I thought it must be the sugar I put on my coffee. I must have put a lot because now I’m reading things. You know, to hope and to expect is addicting too. And like coffee, sometimes they’re bad for one’s health. So I hope you meant them, because I’m starting to miss you too, immensely.

I know getting attached to you might also be bad for my health. But I’m more alive when I think that you exist in my life. That when I open my e-mail as I sip from my coffee mug, I know that it wouldn’t just be the coffee providing my adrenaline rush for the day. I know that the words that you put in those letters could plaster that smile in my face and block out every other insignificant, hurtful words that other people who don’t matter would say to me.

I keep drinking coffee even if it stains my teeth, because it’s a good kind of addicting. And I won’t mind if you keep staining my heart with those sweet words which could turn bitter someday. But like all fools, I’ll try not to think of the negative, nor the days, nor the months, nor the years from now when you might no longer be there. Like instant coffee, I hope I will never run out of you. 


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