Ghosts – Do they exist ?

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I sometimes wonder whether Ghosts are there for real? One gets to hear so many spooky stories and accounts about haunted houses and other places..I have heard many of friends and relatives recounting their experiences, where they have actually come across ghosts or ghostly happenings- I have never had the fortune or misfortune of meeting one of them ,except once stay at a home which was supposed to be haunted, and the 2 days we were there the ghosts were on vaccation! Nothing happened! On second thoughts if something did happen, I am not sure, as to how I would have reacted…But they seem to show themselves or make their presence felt only to a choice few. many of us have never been bothered by them

Good and bad exist together in life , and by the way why should we think that all ghosts are bad or harmful? The general perception seems to be that Ghosts are bad trying to scare people .Is it not possible to have good ghosts and forgetful ghosts and so on like human beings? and afterall their souls are human..

Ghost stories and movies have always had an audience .The other day I watched a fabulous Black and white eerie movie in Hindi called ‘Kohraa’ and some of the haunting scenes were scary, but at the same time one cannot resist watching them. Black and White movies were somehow more effective – Dracula is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. So we all have a great fascination for Ghost stories and films ..

According to skeptics The idea of Ghosts come from our imaginations for the most part. I took part in a Seance and other than imagined sounds and noises I got to see or experience nothing. The table did shake and rock, but then anybody could have done it as it was dark with just a single candle in the centre of the table, and I heard or saw nothing, while 2 others heard and saw so much that one can make a movie out of it , But they swear by it, so, I guess it depends on the individual and how fertile one’s imagination is…I think the human mind is the most complicated and I am sure there are many depths which have not yet been discovered..

I agree that there is no proof about the existence of ghosts so far, but it is an interesting and intriguing topic of discussion for all people regardless of age..there are so many things that are completely unexplained and makes you wonder if there is any truth in it…

The question of  human ‘souls’ is something that baffles most people, as to what happens to it. It cannot be just another part of the body. But again one wonders, what happens to animal souls?There are so many such implications.We did evolve from animals, the question arises as to when we got our souls, because the early man was more or less resembled an animal. And God is a very recent theory if one were to actually dig deep into the history of God and religion, mostly man made for his own convenience.

There are a lot of things that are beyond our comprehension. We spend our life time trying to look for answers and explanations, and finally may never get them…but it does make very interesting theory and keeps our mind engaged…


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