How to Create Passive Income Online for Retirement

We all know Social Security will probably go bust. So ask yourself; is your other retirement income enough to get you through? If you are worried about the future, you might want to consider how to create passive income online for retirement. Passive income is income that continues to arrive, even if you are not actively working on it. It is income that keeps paying you, a bit like royalties. It will take time to do this, no get rich quick stuff here. There are a myriad ways of doing this, but here are the passive income streams I have discovered that actually work.


The first is to write for eHow. Start writing about anything you know how to do. Be clear, concise and watch your spelling and grammar. As you begin to write articles, see which ones are generating the most passive income online for your retirement. Then write more articles on this, or related subjects. Be patient, your first month will probably generate very little online income. However, after a month or two, as your articles are crawled by Google, etc., you will see your income increase.


Try a referral program. CashCrate seems to be one of the best. Look in the “resources” section below, and click on “Join CashCrate”. CashCrate give you offers to complete, such as surveys, trial offers, free samples, etc. Try these out and earn some fast cash. However, to truly take advantage of this program, you need to refer people. Get referrals by talking to your friends, writing articles on eHow, giving your referral link in forums and blogs.


Another good referral program is Survey Savvy. It is rated as a BBB accredited website, so you have no worries. It is all about the surveys, and has a referral structure similar to Cash Crate. One thing to be aware of, with Survey Savvy, it is a little slow to start, and to credit your account. The surveys take about a week to start coming, and it can take 2-3 weeks for your account to be credited with a survey. They absolutely pay you, but you need some patience.


You must work these programs. The money will not come fast, but it will come. If you put in the time and effort, you will be rewarded with passive income now, and for your retirement.


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