Beauty tips: makeup tips

Makeup can enhance your facial features but it’s best to wear little foundation or powder so your skin doesn’t get damaged. Skin can get damaged and harden if you use too much foundation or powder on a daily basis. Your skin can become dependent upon the foundation and it’ll look yellowish if you don’t wear foundation. It’ll lose the natural tone before you use makeup.

Your skin needs to breathe too and too much foundation can closed off your pores and it can’t breathe freely. This is why you should go without foundation and wear only powder whenever necessary. You should only use foundation or concealer on areas that need help. You should brush on powder lightly to areas that need help and avoid brushing it everywhere.

You can use a brush to lightly brush the entire face to even up your makeup. You should always start with a clean, and washed face. You can apply sunscreens during the day time to keep the sun from damaging your skin. You can use moisturizer during the night time to even out your skin and keep makeup from clogging your pores. Moisturizer will also soften your skin and give it a smooth look. It’s not a good idea to put on foundation or powder without an underneath layer of moisturizer.

You should always use foundation or powder that matches your skin tone to avoid that orange look in the sun. You should wear foundation or powder with an SPF to protect your skin from the sun. You should avoid liquid powder if you have oily skin since it can make your skin more oily. Liquid foundation can make your skin more oily. If you have oily skin you can avoid wearing too much foundation and you should focus more on powder to give your skin a drier look. People with dry skin can use moisturizer underneath their makeup to give their skin more moisture so their makeup doesn’t look flaky. You can also use liquid powder and foundation in one to give your skin a moist look.

You should always use your finger tips to blend out all makeup. Your fingers are great tools. You can also use different types of brushes for the best results. You can always wear lip balm on your lips to prevent chap lips. You can bring your makeup with you on the road to touch up. One great tool is to use oil blotter for people with oily skin. You can also bring tissue paper to wipe away makeup mistakes and oil. When doing your eyes makeup, you can use your fingers to blend it out as much as possible to give it a smooth look. You should avoid drawing sharp lines. This is the same when lining your lips. You should blend it well with your finger tips. When you’re applying lipsticks you can use a tissue to take away any excess or shines and apply another layer on top of that for a nice finished look. When you’re done with your face, you can use a brush to brush your entire face for a smooth look.

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