Google adsense success stories

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Google adsense is a program that is offered by Google to writers and website owner. Once you sign up with Google, you will get ads appearing on your websites, on your blog or articles. You can go to google website and sign up for an account. You can get pay via checks or direct deposit. You would need to verify your information before they pay you. They pay when someone clicks on the advertisements

Each click can be from pennies to dollars and it’s all different. Usually people will click if the ads interest them. The advertisement is now gear toward reader’s interest instead of ads that are related to your content.

I have an adsense account and it works well for me so far. It works faster than account that pays per page view. I could have two dollars with two clicks but on other website I would have to have two thousands page views to earn two dollars. Adsense pays more if you stick with it. I’m happy with adsense and I wish I would have more adsense accounts since the revenue is higher and faster. I make the same revenue comparing to accounts that pays page per view or even twice as much. I would recommend Google adsense to anyone who wants to write for sites that pays via Google adsense. You have to have many articles in order to generate a decent revenue. It doesn’t happen with a hundred articles but at least a thousand. This is the trick in writing articles. It’s hard to generate a decent revenue unless you have many articles. The way to earn more with writing is to write thousand of articles. How would you expect to earn more if you don’t have a lot of articles?

It’s just like a bank account. The more you put in the more you can take out. If you haven’t put in anything, you can’t expect to have good outcome. I have seen writers who expect to make a fortune when they only have ten articles. They wrote it on their blog that they have ten articles but they haven’t generate any money. It only make sense that you write more in order to earn more. I make a couple of hundred dollars a month with Google adsense and I’m expecting it to be more as I write more. This is how Google works. You just have to be patient and put your work out there. There’re also other website owners that make thousands with Google. Google works but you have to put enough work out there and give it time. You can combine Google adsense revenue with other type of revenue so you have many accounts. From my experience, it’s worth it to try writing with Google adsense.


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