Lifewave Patches

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How about getting a better life without drugs and taking anything into your body !?

This is the way, 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our products.

Energy Enhancer – For relief of fatigue symptoms such as:
Loss of sleep, Nervousness, Exhaustion, Muscle weakness, Drowsiness, and Inability to fall asleep. Supports energy production, breathing & stamina

IceWave – For fast, temporary relief of:
Arthritis related joint pain & inflammation, General body aches, Stiffness & soreness, Swelling & bruising due to falls or blows, Headaches due to stress, strain or illness, Spasms & cramps due to strain or injury from overexertion.

Silent Nights – For symptomatic relief:
Due to exhaustion: Inability to fall asleep, Restlessness, Tossing and turning, Sleeplessness.
Due to stress or worry: Light sleeping, Overactive mind, Tension and anxiety, Nervous exhaustion, Insomnia.

Y-Age – Helps to Promote:
Restful sleep, Sense of well being, Energy & strength, Muscle tone, Lean body mass, Smoother skin.

SP6- May help control:
Excess appetite, Overeating, Food cravings, Empty feeling in stomach, Night time hunger, Weight gain due to slow metabolism.

Check out the site and be in tough if you need more info.


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