From the Adventures of the Easy Rider Motorcycle Fashion Diaries…December 2008

This December, wear bright colors to brighten up and warm your cool winters. But the main emphasis for December fashions is on edgy streetwear, but feminine and clean. Whether preferring to dress like a man or a wild woman, add some excitement to your clothes this month, and live on the edge to be free and spontaneous.

Here are some must-haves and key pieces for this December:

  • Bright lime green satiny cargo pants with bright pink pleather accessories make streetwear upscale and chic.
  • A sheer but neutral dress is soft, flowing, and elegant.
  • Neon colors are bright and fun for clothes and accessories.
  • Ethnic prints and influences from India give a simple but classic outfit personality.
  • Gladiator shoes are popular this winter.
  • Knit hats and knit sweater in modern shapes keep you warm and cozy during long winter evenings.
  • Animal prints add style to an elegant outfit while island prints warm up your cool winters.
  • Chunky and large purses, preferably in pleather, that are decorated with gems, beads, studs, and metals.
  • Preppy menswear for women, in slouchy pants, belt, polo shirt, safari jacket and fedora, has a casual and comfortable everday look.
  • Bubble dress and skirts continue to dress up your evening events. For cocktail dresses, a fluffy and short dress with draping and bubble hem is worn with strappy high heel shoes.
  • Biker-influence, aviator-inspired clothes and accessories, such as feminine jackets, boots, and chunky purses with tassels. Pleather gloves, boots and purses with silver studs as well as goggles add to this wild style. A denim coat is worn with a short dress, boots and aviator sunglasses. Leopard prints and zebra print, mixed with pleather accessories and goggles, make this style filled with adventure and excitement.
  • Hair is tussled and messy, but makeup looks clean and natural, for a clean but edgy look.
  • Print wrap dresses, inspired from India, are soft, flowing and feminine.

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