Stop Smoking, Is There a Foolproof way?

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Why do a lot of people are drawn to smoking? Many resolve to smoking in order to relieve their stress and ease their problems. Others start to smoke because of peer pressure and the need to belong. Many young people begin to smoke in order to appear mature, independent, and confident. Children with smoking parents are likely to follow the example of their old folks. Getting into the habit of smoking is fairly easy for many smokers. A cigarette offer from a friend or even mere curiosity can be the starting point of any smoking addiction.

If getting into the habit is easy, getting out of the habit is totally the opposite. If you want to stop smoking, you need to have strong will and determination to quit. Smoking habit is not something you can just easily escape from. However, you should try to stop smoking as much as possible no matter how difficult and uncomfortable this is for you. For those smokers who are trying to stop smoking, overcoming the desire to smoke is always difficult. If you are in the process of quitting, you need all possible diversions in order to free yourself from the thought of one relieving and comforting stick of cigarette. Until you are totally free from your cigarette addiction and the desire to smoke is completely gone, you can start each day by drinking a glass of orange or some other fruit juice. This should be done immediately after you wake up and before you do anything else like dressing up. If you are used to puffing a cigarette after breakfast, avoid spending so much time in the breakfast table without doing anything. Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash after eating. These minimize your urge to light a cigarette. Additionally, going to the bathroom immediately after a meal allows you to deviate from your usual routine of lighting a cigarette after a meal.

Those who stop smoking considerably vary in their response to the quitting process. Light smokers may find their desire to smoke easily gone during the process. Sometimes, even occasional addicts may also find themselves in the same situation. However, for the majority of smokers, saying goodbye to their “old cigarette companion” is never easy. For the average person, it is always normal to find himself wanting to puff a cigarette once in a while. The desire to smoke is usually strongest after every meal or after having a cup of coffee or any alcoholic drink. Smokers may also find the urge strong when they are under emotional stress, embarrassed or upset. It is difficult to stop smoking when these situations arise. To a smoker, the comforting effect of smoking may be strong enough to convince him that another stick will not harm him so much. If you are trying to stop smoking, you need to study the pattern of your smoking habit. When and what situations increase your compulsion to puff a cigarette? If you are keen enough in your observations, you will discover that there is a cycle and a pattern involved in your habit. There is a higher possibility for you to succeed in your desire to stop smoking if you will be able to break this pattern.

In conclusion, the urge to smoke usually comes at certain times in a day. Most probably you have developed the need to smoke after some definite time your last butt of cigarette hits the floor. Mealtimes, emotional conditions, usual routines like coffee breaks and watching TV may modify this cycle. If you want to completely stop smoking, break this cycle and lessen your urge to puff another cigarette.


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