Kid Friendly Christmas Treats For Kids With Food Allergies

Christmas is a time of baking and fun, but for the child that has a food allergy, there can be more trouble involved in finding an allergy free alternative than the fun of creating the treat allows. This season, take these helpful tips for kids with food allergies and have a great time in the kitchen.

The Peanut Allergy

The peanut allergy is one of the most common and one of the most deadly. There are alternatives however for recipes that call far peanuts. One such alternative soy butter. Soy butter is a peanut butter substitute that is created from soy nuts and tastes just like peanut butter. However, parents must beware. Some children who have peanut allergies also have allergies to soy.

The second alternative is sun butter. Sun butter is a peanut butter spin off that is created from sunflower seeds. The butter tends to separate a bit more than peanut butter, but is organic and safe for children with food allergies.

The Egg Allergy

Christmas would not be Christmas without cake. Children with egg allergies are often left out in the cold come time for dessert. Again, there is an alternative. A soda can be used in place of the eggs in the recipe. Instead of including any eggs, include one can of soda to the dry ingredients. If the cake is dark, add cola. If the cake is light, add a light soda. The cake will rise just the same and taste even better than the egg alternative.

Kids need to have fun too when it comes to baking this holiday season. For fun times and healthy children, take these alternatives and jump into the kitchen with your apron on and your sweet tooth ready to bake.

For the detailed instructions on How to Bake a Cake Without Eggs visit the link provided.

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