Christmas Gifts and the Web Designer

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Christmas breeds unique gifting, but despite all of the special sales and money saving events, the web designer is left with fewer options that any one else. This year, instead of trying to think funny, think practical.

The Practice Side of Web Development

Web development has a lot to do with hardware. The developer needs a computer, Internet access and software in order to design web pages for fun or for a living. While each of these items would be considered a practical gift, they are expensive and can break a gifting budget quick. But, there are a few ways to get around the money crunch and still offer the web designer some top notch presents that are practical and inexpensive.

Not too many years ago, the laptop was a luxury that not many web designers could afford. A decent laptop cost in the thousands and unless the designer already had an established client base, that kind of money just was not available. This left the web designer with limited options for designing on the go. Today, however, with the advent of the mini laptop, designers can afford to have portable design capabilities for a fraction of the cost. A mini Dell laptop costs under $400.

The Internet access is another great choice for the web designer, but many already have this function. So, instead of giving the gift of traditional web service, why not give the gift of a year’s supply of broadband. Broadband Internet access gives the laptop computer a connection even when wireless lines are no where to be found. This means the designer can take a trip to the park with their new mini laptop and design on the spur of the moment.

Software is hugely expensive today and web designers often find they save enough to purchase the newe3st software just in time for the upgrade to jump out of the woodwork. Adobe Creative Suite 4 , for instance, costs $199 to upgrade if the user already has the CS3 version. If not, they must be ready to shell out 700 big ones for this ultimate design software. A cheaper alternative is to find the best open source software available that is compatible with the commercial brand.

Life as a web designer may not mean a lot of money at first and every web designer knows they may need a little extra help from time to time keeping up to date on the latest hardware, software and access. While money may be tight, that does not mean you cannot give the web designer in your life a piece of the proverbial Christmas pie.

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