Are We or What We Do Natural?

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             I am some what divided on this one.  I can say some of the activities humans engage in are natural to who we are.  However, I don’t believe all the things we do as humans are natural.   My first thought is to say that humans are natural, but like so many other questions I cannot find good, valid reason in most explanations for this issue.   I have a difficult time in finding one solid explanation for the word natural.

            The best rationalization I have for assuming humans are natural is …..because we are.  It is not really the greatest reason I know but it’s the best one I can give without having to write out about fifty pages of arguments with myself.   I aspire to the idea that people as individuals have their own personal traits that are specific and “natural” to themselves.  Carol Barnett would tug on her ear sometime during every show to say hello to a certain someone.  This is a natural thing for her to do because it is a part of who she is, and she always did it.  Tugging on your ear is not natural activity for a person to do, but it became that way for her.  

            Among the activities humans carry out I see technology as unnatural.  I am not comfortable with the idea of computers doing everything and having a computer for everything you want to do.   I also do not care for machines doing hard labor.  Humans have achieved many great feats such as the pyramids with out machines.   I am aware of the fact that this makes me a hypocrite, but at the same time, it is not feasible to live off the land in our culture.   If I could realistically live in that manner I think I would at least have to try it.     


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