A person’s financial success

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As I sit here in my hard wooden chair, staring out the hard/frosted windows of my old country home, I find myself looking back into a world that, once upon a time, wasn’t so complicated. When it came to choosing between a chocolate ice cream cone or vanilla, that decision didn’t take alot of thought. But now you have many flavors you can choose from. Along with these many flavors came the credit boom, and with the credit boom came increasing anxiety and depression over debt and the ever increasing phone calls from debt collectors. “Why don’t these people just leave me alone” Don’t they understand” Once upon a time these words continuously echoed throughout my mind as I stared at the wall of my small apartment room during the midnight hours. As my heart beat faster my mind continued to be on red alert, racing like an uncontrollable force. I began to fade in and out of consciousness, watching the ever fading night lights as I tried to hold on to dear life. I began to tremble and sweat uncontrollably without regard for the signals my body was trying to send me. Unaware of the circumstances at the time, I was experiencing a panic attack. An unrelenting force pounding you into submission.

It all started when I was watching an infomercial on a Saturday evening. There was a young gentleman dressed in a nice suit and tie. He was going on about the importance of establishing credit and why you should apply for his credit card. He basically made it sound like he was doing you a favor. What he didn’t mention was the very high interest rate and the many different fees that were involved. But I took the bait and applied. I was very excited about my new card and the things I could buy with it. It felt like free money! Before I knew it I was making large purchases, not thinking about the long term ramifications. One year had gone by and I was already 25,000 in credit card debt. Along with my other bills, I could only afford to pay the minimum on my credit card. Before Iong, my balance was increasing faster than I could pay it off. With the ever increasing debt came depression and stress. With the depression and stress came other health problems. After many long hours of cutting back on utility bills and working two jobs I’m finally on my way to getting out of debt and working my way to financial freedom.


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