Cooking preparations

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Cooking is something lots of enjoy doing, some find it a
task. Being organized in the kitchen can help greatly
in the preparation involved in cooking.

Whether you’ve a huge gourmet kitchen or a
kitchenette, knowing how to keep it organized is a
nice place to start.

Here are some tips;

1) Keep your utensils in a place located closely to
the area in which you will prepare your food. Your
cooking utensils would do well in a container or on
hooks right at arms length to the stove, so having
them handing will keep things cycling smoothly.

3) That infamous clutter of plastic containers can be
frustrating in the kitchen. When searching for a
matching lid & bottom you can waist time searching
& find you getting frustrated. Go through your
containers regularly & make sure you’ve the
matches of tops & bottoms, & make sure they are in
an orderly fashion so you can grab them easily.

2) Spices, if you are two that adds your spices as you
cook, keep them in either a spice caracole or a drawer
within immediate reach. Keep them in alphabetical
order or in order of type. Make sure the labels are
easily seen.

4) Your pots, pans, & bake ware should be kept
together by type in an easy to grab place. Having a
pan at the back part of the cupboard can really
frustrate a person who’s trying to get their cooking
tasks done. Keeping your items in an orderly fashion
will make it easy to grab what you require.

5) Your dishes, cutlery, & glasses don’t require to be
in your cooking area. They can be in an cupboard area
that is further from the stove & closer to where you
serve from. This keeps the area around you cooking and
preparation space open for items such as pots, pans,
& spices.

Remember two of the frustrations of cooking is not
being organized. Having a well organized kitchen will
minimize frustration & free you up for other things,
like eating.


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