A bit of variety and fun for the DS! 42 Classic Games

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This was a game I picked up mainly because it was quite cheap and looked like it could be really good and I am glad I did. 

This game has a selection of lots (well, 42) of great games including some which you have heard of and some you won`t have! The type of game varies from card games, board games, action games and many more. This is really good as it means there is always something you will want to play and this game has it. 

If you are doing single player mode you can either do stamp mode where you complete the various games in a certain order to get stamps which unlock new features. I did not enjoy this mode as some of the games I did not like and I found hard to complete but I could not move onto something else. 

I preferred free play however as you pick what game you want to play. 
The best bit of the game however is in multiplayer mode as you can play against other people who don`t have the game. Some games allow you to connect up to seven different DS consoles with just one game. This is great fun for long journeys where you have nothing better to do and can be provide a lot of enjoyment. 

I really like the action games like bowling where you have to bowl the ball straight otherwise it goes in the gutter and no you cannot put the bumpers up! 

I also enjoyed some of the more classic games like chess and it is great for holidays as you don`t have to take a whole chess set with you which makes it very handy! 

Other games include: 

Checkers (Draughts), Darts, Billiards, Texas Hold `Em, Rummy, Dots and boxes (Squares), Balance, Ludo, Grid Attack (Battleships), Takeover, Connect Five, Solitaire, Backgammon, Word Balloon, Soda Shake (the worst game ever!) and many more! 

When you buy this game don`t expect all the games to be classics and you will like every single one of them. I personally don`t enjoy the card games unless they are very simple whereas someone else might love them. This is what this game is about though as there is something for everyone whatever age they are and why this game should be owned by all DS owners along with the fact it is so cheap. 

42 All Time Classics is available for around £15 and you would not want to pay more than £20 even though it is a really good game as you can get it cheaper! At the moment it is at about £16 at Amazon so if you have a DS you have no excuse not to buy this fun and relatively cheap game! 

Any DS owner should buy it! 



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