How Not To Suffer Through Strict Diets

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Adapting a healthy lifestyle means dedicating a portion of your life to manifest the results you wish to achieve. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Obtaining a healthy lifestyle is a learning process, one that takes time, hard work, and practice. If you have a few pounds you wish to lose; simply modify your diet and cut down on carbs, fats and sugars. Increasing movement does wonders for the metabolism.


Kick start your metabolism by including high fiber, low fat foods in your diet. You would be surprised as to how well your body can adapt when eating healthier foods.

  • Quaker Oatmeal –
  • Fruits – Strawberries, apples, oranges, and blueberries – great antioxidants
  • Vegetables – Prepare salsa from veggies
  • Lowfat Yogurt – Add Sun Maid raisins for a quick protein boost
  • Smoothies – Keep your blender handy, adding fresh fruits make for a quick fix
  • Baked chicken and fish
  • Fresh Tuna – Spice tuna up with pepper, lemon juice, or chili powder

Never deprive your body of foods that you like. Just because you strive to eat healthier doesn’t mean you can never eat fried foods. Things should always be taken in moderation. Reward yourself after you have reached a certain goal. Most people simply deny themselves food they like, then start to binge after weeks of dieting and depriving themselves of the foods they enjoy.

Fitness can be obtained by adequately following a healthy balanced diet enriched with the proper proteins and vitamins combined with a daily work out regimen of cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting and yoga maintains individual health and overall flexibility while providing the individual a way of dealing with certain stress levels they encounter on a daily basis.

Mental fitness pertains to an individual’s overall psychological state of mind. As human beings, we have the need to evolve in regards to setting, achieving and manifesting certain goals in our lives as there is a great need to manifest certain goals in our life. Mental fitness is accompanied by the ability to meditate on a daily basis giving us the strength we require to deal with stress in everyday life that are negative and demanding. In order for a person to successfully change their eating habits and exercise on a regular basis, they must also be mentally fit. Only then, are we connected, mind, body, and soul.


Although some of us think we don’t have the time to include an exercise regimen in our daily schedule, this is not true. Pick a time, day or night to exercise ten to fifteen minutes. Three to four times per week is effective, believe it or not. Something is better than nothing. Here are a few exercises to kick your metabolism into high gear.

  • Bicycling
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Lifting weights (upper extremeties)
  • Lifting weights (lower extremeties)
  • Lunges and squarts (with or without weights)
  • Treadmill
  • Cardio kick boxing
  • Martial arts


Remember back in the day when everyone tried those crash diets of the 70’s? Water diets, diet pills, fiber pills, amphetamines, etc? Many of us swore by the diets, needless to say we lost a bit of water weight and were excited. A week or so later after eating a meal, we gained the weight back. Not so desireable, is it? When we starve or shock our bodies into losing weight, we are only doing more harm than good. A mixture of a high fiber/low fat diet and exercise is essential in maintaining or dropping a few dress sizes.


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