Love Spells – part 4

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To attract a lover (Norse) 
Items: 1 pink candle – A pink stone (rose quartz) 
Ritual: Mark  the candle and  the  stone with  the Ing, Gyfu and Bjork Runes. Lit
the candle and place the stone beside the candle. Now repeat 3 times:
“Three ladies came across the land, bringing love into my hand: 
The first called him (or her) the second brought him 
the third bound us together” 
The  stone  is  then  charged  to  add  to  the  spell. When  the  candle  is  finished,  the
stone is secreted among personal belongings.  

To maintain unconditional love 
Items: 1 white candle – 1 Pink candle – 1 Black candle – Incense 
Time: Every Full Moon, once a month. 
Ritual: Look at the Moon, then light the candles and say:
“The kind Fates have blessed my home, the kind Fates have blessed my heart, 
the kind Fates have blessed my loved ones, I offer thanks with a humble heart 
I thank the Goddess for my life, I thank the Goddess for my love 
I thank the Goddess for continued blessings already on their way. Blessed be!” 

To win the love 

Items: 2 red candles – 1 gold candle – Olive oil – Piece of white cloth 
Time: Full Moon night 
Ritual: Dress  the  candles with  the oil,  rubbing  from  center  towards  the bottom
then, from center to top. Place the candles accordingly: The gold candle is placed
before  you. One  red  candle at  the  right hand  side,  and  the  other  red  candle  in
front of the gold candle. Think of him and light the red and gold candles. Try to
feel your love and power. Say:
“Here is (the name of the person). This candle is him 
this flame burns, as does his spirit 
I am my beloved’s and the beloved is mine” 
Take  the  remains when  the  candles  are  burned  completely  and wrap  them  in  the
cloth.  Keep it in a safe place. 

Herbal Smoke Spell 

Items: An incense burner – instant light charcoal – a pinch of dried rose petals or
Ritual: When  the  smoke  from  the  incense  rises  from  the burner, visualize your
lover’s  face  in  the  smoke or glowing  coals. Whisper  these words  over and over
until you feel the magick happening.
“Magick herbs, burn in fire, bring to me my hearts desire.”


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