Arguing today? Guess what? It’s your fault

“Well, then he said this and I got mad, so I said that, and then we said…” 

How many of us have started a conversation relaying our latest scrap with our special someone?  Whether an awesome way to start your day (heavy sarcasm) or a perfect way to end it, arguing and fighting is, by far, one of the worst ways to communicate or get something done.

Glad we agree.  Because most certainly we’re about to disagree here: if you’re in an argument right now or just on the verge or passing of one, guess what?  It’s your fault.  Both of yours.

What?  Que?  Huh?  Most of us like to be the king or queen victor of a loud, tore-up from the floor-up argument!  “It’s her fault, she started nagging me!”  “It’s his fault, he didn’t ask me for my opinion!”  STOP.  Most of the times, if we stopped and thought with a little foresight, we would know exactly what was going to happen.

There’s the flipside, we CHOOSE to argue.  We choose to blow up at one another, regardless of if our partner is in the wrong or not.  How volatile, how tense and how high-energy the argument becomes is up to BOTH of us.  Remember, it takes two people to have an argument.  In many forms of martial arts, like in nature, it is often the one that doesn’t ”attack” that wins.  Trees break, grass bends and remains.  Why do we do this? Why do we get into arguments?  That’s another post and discussion coming soon.  Until then, be flexible, both of you, and be loving. 


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