Keep Christmas lights untangled.

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     Ahh, the holidays, a time for celebration, joy, cheer and the frustration of dealing with the holiday light strands that tend to severely tangle.  Be sure to follow these instructional ideas for the prevention of broken ornaments, decorations, frasseled garland and twisted Christmas light strands.  Your holiday lights should be an illustration of the brightness and wonder that is involved in celebrating this joyous occassion.  After you have purchased the items that you wish to decorate with be sure to keep all the boxes and empty gift wrapping paper rolls for ease in storage of all your ornaments and lights.  These are essential for preventing the breakage of your delicate decorations and the knotting of your holiday lights.

     Your Christmas tree is a reflection of your artistic display of the joy in celebrating Christmas.  To decorate the tree, it is best to start with having all the items that you will use ready and organized.  The method which I explain is best for the ease in decorating as well as a method to prevent tangling your strands of lights, garland, and ornaments into a horrible mess.  When dealing with fragile or delicate decorations be  sure to keep them out of the reach of children as they can’t seem to help wanting to handle them.  So, when you decorate with these type of objects remember to place them high on your tree.  Before you start to hang ornaments, you need to string the strands of lights starting from the top of the tree to the bottom of the tree securing the strand in between the branches.  Try not to cross, knot or tangle the light strand as this will make it much more difficult to remove when it is time.  Be sure to include the entire surface of the tree, not just the front for even lighting.  There are some people who prefer to use a theme such as having all crysal decoratives, or a red, white and blue theme for example.  For your special holiday tree you may use a unique theme of your own for a special flare.

     When the light strands have been strung around your Christmas tree, then it is time to start placing your ornaments onto it.  Start at the top of your tree with the delicate ones, and be sure to alternate branches for your special theme and work your way around and down to the bottom braches for a fully decorative effect.  Then you may use garland by starting at the top of the tree and coming down in a circular pattern to the bottom portion.  If you use tinsle, grab a tiny amount and toss it onto small areas around the tree.  Be sure not to overdo the tinsle because it will take away the affect of the rest of your efforts.  Tinsle can give a nice glistened and glazed look to your holiday tree and reflect the light uniquely.   The finishing touch is the tradition of tree topping where a family member receives the honor of putting the topper on the tree. 

     Alas, the holidays must come to an end and those ornament boxes, storage boxes, and empty wrapping paper rolls are going to be essential to prevent severe tangles in those light cords.  The ornament boxes should have the same decorations placed into them that were removed.  The garland can be wrapped around an empty paper roll to prevent damage.  Now the hard part is those pesky light strands, you should have another person assisting you to remove the lights from the tree while you are wrapping the lights around the paper rolls.  Here’s the secret…  Cut a small slit at one end of the wrapping paper roll using scissors, and place one end of the strand into the cut end.  Then slowly remove the light strand from the tree using a tight circular pattern similar to a metal spring coil.  The strand usually takes up the entire empty roll, and then tuck the end of the lights into the center hole of the roll.  The time that it takes to use this method will prevent breakage and tangling and the ability to reuse your lights, garland and ornaments for years to come.


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