How to Flirt with an Aries

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Aries The Ram

Step 1


Aries rules the head, so approach this area with great care. Any movement towards their heads will be sensed immediately. Sometimes Aries even walk with the heads tilted forward before the rest of their bodies.

If you make a sudden move to touch their hair or face, an Aries may flinch, which might just ruin the mood you are trying to create. You may notice most Aries have a scar somewhere on their heads (don’t go looking for it). Baldness is an Aries trait as well. The metaphysical theory is that all their energy rises to their head and burns out the hair follicles.

Since the head (and predominantly) face are their forte, they will be inclined to pay more attention to that part of your body: your face, eyes, hair, lips. So, play around with those features to flirt. Make eye contact, but not for long, Aries have short attention spans. A quick focused look or bite of the lip will make an impression. Also, a compliment about their facial features, eyes, lips, skin will go a long way.

Step Two


They will be confrontational. A little contrast, a little good-natured fight, will be enough for them to feel you will make a good partner, sparring or otherwise. They are attracted to an active partner. They do “talk off the top of their heads” sometimes, so it would be wise to not get upset with what they say. If they see you can play-fight without getting traumatized, they will be more eager to spend more time with you. A compliment here about how their courage, fearlessness and stepping up to the challenges of life, will be welcome.

Step 3


They like a challenge …a “real” challenge, not contrived flirtatious games. The will use their senses like a hunter to get to know the real you, so they can conquer you. This is a great test because their gut reactions will sense any qualities you may have that are contrived and you will be forced to face them. Flirting with others to create a challenge doesn’t work with them. Their instinctive sense is so high, it will just make them angry. They won’t realize until it’s too late that you schemed an elaborate ploy to make them like you better. The instinctive part of the brain (brain stem) doesn’t process subtle information like the frontal lobes. To the point honesty, without long drawn out explanations, pays off here.

Step 4


They “will” retreat into their busy lifestyles. So, you get busy with your life as well. When you meet after your daily conquests, you can share your bounties together like two Pirates of the Caribbean. Not complaining about an Aries’ busy schedule and showing interest in their next challenge will create more intimacy.

Step 5


Even though Aries doesn’t have patience, you will probably need some. Patience with their absences, because they have so many other things to do, and patience with their impatience, is a must. It is a bit of a double standard, since you will have to show patience and they won’t. Chalk this one up to one of their charming qualities and let it go.

Step 6


Finally, have a quick wit, quick come-backs and humor. The lovely thing about Aries is that they are very focused on the present. If you don’t remind them you broke up with them the night before, they may not remember the argument at all, the day after. So, give them a call like nothing happened, like you just met them for the first time. You’ll be surprised how quickly they make a comeback!

  • This is a very general assessment of some of the qualities of a person born under the sign of Aries. We are complex beings with free will and a sun sign characteristic can never come close to a complete picture of one’s true self.

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