Orange – Instant source of energy

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Of all the famous and most attractive fruits, orange is unique due its glorious colour, aroma and shape. Some Oranges are sweet, some are sour and yet some have a mixed taste. It is a predigested food and is readily absorbed on the blood. It is an instant source of energy for the tired.

A big orange give 75 – 100 calories of energy. Orange is a rich source of vitamin C. it also contains vitamins A, B and some minerals like phosphorus, iron, sodium, copper, sulphur and chlorine. Of these minerals, iron (33%)and phosphorus (23.7%) are the main. Sulphur, chlorine, sodium and copper are present in small amounts.

Orange juice taken early in morning is sure to correct constipation. The fructose (sugar) found in the orange juice give immediate strenght and energy to the weak. Orange juice should be taken twice a day to increase liveliness. You should take a glassful of orange juice every day during enough vitamin C. The fat soluble vitamins like A, D and E can be stored in the body but we need vitamin C regularly.

Infants who are not fed with breast milk should be given orange juice. The supplementary diet prevents scury and rickets. A glasful of orange juce in the morning and again one at night will help icrease intetinal tone. The sugar and acids present in the orange juice are very useful to promote digestion and increase appettie. Orange juice acts as a medicince for pyorrhoea, high blood pressure, bloodlessness, cold, inflammation of joints, sleeplessness and asthma.

Orange juice helps the digestion of milk. So weak persons who are on milk diet should take an orange with each glass of milk.


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