Simple Ideas for Leftover Turkey

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This is just an idea guide. I am not going to give the recipes for the following ideas, however, check out sites like or All Recipes. They are loaded with recipes, and probably even more ideas than I thought of. Also don’t forget the good old turkey sandwich or turkey salad.

Turkey soup- this is the best use for the turkey carcass that is full of meat that you don’t feel like picking off. Plus you can put in containers and freeze.

Turkey croquettes- Here is a good recipe.

They are particularly good with a cheese sauce.

Turkey enchilada- These are a good choice and freeze well also, just don’t bake before freezing.

Turkey taco- It doesn’t get much simpler than this. You don’t even need to reheat the meat.

Turkey curry- You can go all out, making your own curry sauce or you can typically buy good curry sauces if you have a specialty food store or isle. Any sauce they recommend for chicken will work great with Turkey.

Turkey pot pie- The thing that is great about this, is it will not only use up leftover turkey but any leftovers you have. The pot pies I loved best growing up always had, the leftover cheese sauce, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and, of course gravy.

Turkey Cacciatore- The thing that is great about this, is you can also throw it over pasta and enjoy it as a pasta sauce, or over rice, if you want to stretch it.

Turkey chili- It is particularly good if you use a white bean as opposed to kidney beans and use a cream base as opposed to tomato base. Lets face it, it is good no matter what.

. Turkey Stir Fry- This is also a good way to use up any leftover vegetables you have that haven’t been covered in a sauce.

Turkey nachos- Chips, cheese, who could ask for anything more! If you can use Monterey jack or jalapeño jack as opposed to cheddar.


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