How to Install a Hot Water Dispenser

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Hot water dispensers are great for making soup, tea, hot chocolate or just about anything that requires hot water. A hot water dispenser heats water up to 190 degrees on demand. It’s works on the same principle as a water cooler with a hot water tap.

The installation does not require any plumbing knowledge and can usually be done in about two hours or less.

Material and Tools:

Variable Speed Electric Drill

Drill Bits

Adjustable Hole Saw

Adjustable Wrench


Circular Hand File

Wood Screws

Hot Water Dispenser

Compression Tee Valve


Locate a spot on top of your sink where you can mount the dispenser. Drill a small pilot hole in the sink.


Adjust the diameter of the hole saw for the required diameter to mount the dispenser. Using the pilot hole you made slowly start your drill and drill through the sink. Keep the speed of your drill slow. File away any rough inside edges.


Drill a hole on the inside wall of your cabinet to mount the dispenser bracket. Hang the dispenser unit.


Shut off the cold water line to the sink and install the compression tee to the cold water line. Refer to the installation instructions that come with the tee valve.


Connect the dispenser tubing to the tee valve. Turn on the water and check for leaks. If everything is ok connect the dispenser to the ac outlet and test unit.


Be careful not to kink the tubing, otherwise it will need to be replaced.

Make sure you read the instructions on how to connect the compression tee to the water line. In proper installation can damage the tee and/or the water pipe.


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