Where to Find Free Images To Use On Your Blog, Website or Print Publication

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Many websites offer free images for use on your blog or publication. These are great resources, but when you use them, please be sure to offer credit when necessary. For example, many websites will allow you to use their images as long as you give credit to the photographer, artist or website.


Flickr.com is an example of a site like this. To use Flickr, go to Flickr.com. To begin, type a term in the search box. When the search results populate, click ‘advanced search.’ Scroll down and check the box next to “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content.” From here, you have two further options. If you are making a profit from the publication, you must select the option to only use content that can be used commercially. If you plan to edit the image, select the option that allows you to find images that can be edited or built upon.

Since images are user submitted, Flickr.com has many images that are fantastic, and they can be valuable assets to almost any article, blog entry or newsletter that you create.

Free-to-use image websites

There are many websites out there that offer images for use on various publications. Just ensure that the website looks reputable, and read the website’s terms of service carefully. You don’t want to grab images from a site that illegally took images from other sources. You also want to make sure there isn’t some kind of clause that you’re missing, like that the owner wants you to provide him or her with a link to the website using the image.

Some free clip art websites are  Free-clipart.net and 1clipart.com.

Make your own images

Why not get creative and make your own images in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher? Those programs have an existing clip art library, or you can make images of your own. Or, if you’re more advanced with image editing, use Photoshop or another advanced type of image editing software.

Not all images are free-to-use

We’ve all searched for images on Google Images or something similar. Just because an image appears in a Google Images search does not mean that it’s free-to-use. Check out the terms on the website before using an image. Images may be copyrighted or not available for public use.


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