Unloading and unpacking tips

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So, finally your efficiently packed goods have been safely moved to their right destination. You think you’re done. Of course- you are set with almost three quarters of the job but have you realized that you are still left with one of the most horrible part of your move i.e. unloading and unpacking. To make the unpacking process easier, the first rule of thumb is – Stay organized, stay in control, and assign. With these three thoughts in mind, the final piece of the moving process will surely be a smooth ride.
Make a conscious effort to get large or heavy goods unloaded first. Get the hard stuff done while you still have some energy! Getting the furniture unloaded first will also allow you to place other items more or less exactly where you’re going to want them to belong anyway. If you need to rearrange furniture in the bedrooms, living room and dining room, make a plan first so you only have to do it once. Large pieces that need assembling should be completed once you know where furniture will be placed. The next thing to consider once you get everything unloaded or maybe somewhere towards the end of the unloading process is what you are going to feed all of your hungry helpers. Pizza, paper plates, paper napkins, plastic cups, and a bottle of water can make for an easy cleanup and quick meal.
The next morning, keep all of the previous day’s rules in mind, stay organized, stay in control, and assign. The following are a few simple steps to make the unpacking process easier. And remember, you don’t have to unpack everything right away!
• Unpack the essentials box. Each member of the family should have one and they should be the first boxes that you unpack. This will not only help you organize your move – getting the essential items unpacked first – but will make your first few nights in your new home a little easier.
• Never mistake unpacking everything at once. Make sure you unpack a room at a time, it’s better to have one room complete than to have three rooms half-done.
• Planning the room prior to unpacking boxes will certainly help.
• It’s usually recommended to get the kitchen unpacked first, as kitchen is the most complicated and the one that is critical to your family life. The faster you have the kitchen organized, the less money you’ll need to spend on food outside. Get the major appliances hooked up and any small appliances that will make your life a little easier – like the coffee pot and toaster.
• Bedrooms can be unpacked by each member of the family. It’s advisable to complete bedrooms – at least ensuring that current seasonal clothes are unpacked and organized. Kids will be returning to school and you back to your routine work, so it’ll save a lot of time and frustration if everything you need is within easy reach.
• Set a simple schedule, such as each member of the family must unpack three boxes per night – or something like that. Not only it should be reasonable and doable, but also plan it so that the unpacking will be done before too long.
• Get the tools you need to make the space work for you. Then when you unpack, you’ll have just the right place for your things
• If you think that you’ll do a task later – such as lining the cupboards or organizing the closet – that’s a sign that you should do the task now or you’ll never get to it.
• Make the space your own. Hang pictures and place family photos around the house early in your unpacking. It will help to make the space feel familiar and comfortable
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