How to Install Track Lighting

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Track lighting is great for enhancing the visibility of an area in any room. It’s great for the kitchen area if you want light over the counter top or kitchen isle. It’s also great for your living area if you want to highlight a picture hanging on the wall, your entertainment center or just about anything else you can think of.

Track lighting comes in a large variety of types and is very easy to install. Before you go to your Home Center to purchase your track lighting first determine where and how you want to use it. You may want to take some measurements to determine the correct length to purchase. Once you have your track lighting kit follow these simple steps.

Material and Tools

Track Lighting Kit


Measuring Tape

Electric Drill

Assorted Drill Bits

Electrical Pliers

Wire Cutters

Wire Nuts

Assorted screws and plastic anchors

Stud finder (optional)


Shut off power to the electrical box that’s going to provide power for your track lighting.


Connect electrical wires from track light mounting plate to ceiling wires and secure with wire nuts. Screw mounting plate to ceiling’s electrical box.


Position the track in place over the mounting plate and secure with screws.


Fasten track to joist in ceiling every 16 inches. Use a stud finder if necessary.

Step5 :

Snap in place the power connector into the track. This provides power to the track.

Step6 :

Install lights into track. Refer to manufacture’s instructions on how to attach lights to track.

Step7 :

Turn on power and light switch and adjust lights for the desire effect.


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