How to Make Money and Get Free Things From Home

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  1. The most obvious step is to write for bukisa. From my understanding, the more articles you have – the better the revenue. I would also take the time to promote your articles to others. Send articles that you know others will enjoy on occassion. This will up the amount of views.
  2. Write for  You will earn more writing for bukisa (from my own experience), but you can post the same advice articles on both sites.
  3. Write for epinion. This is fairly challenging as you need to actually write decent and in depth reviews to make money. You also need a lot of time on your hands. 
  4. Blog. If you already blog, add AdSense to your blog. I make most of my income from this. In my first ten days, I earned about $10 and decided to work to promote my blog to others. I enjoy blogging, so this is something that comes very naturally to me. See my blog at:  See the google AdSense to the right? Whenever someone click on that, you get a proceed of it. You also earn money just for the traffic that your page emits. 
  5. If you have a blog, write reviews. Write to companies that pertain to your blog and ask for items to review and post on your blog. For example, if you are a new mother with a baby – write to different baby product companies and ask them for items to review. Send a professional email to them. I have gotten many free items doing this, then turned around and donated them after trying them out.
  6. Another blogging tactic. You can also post amazon on your blog to earn money. There are many ehow article with steps on how to do this. Type in “amazon” and “blog” in the search terms above.
  7. I got tired of scamming survey sites that I was really surprised when I found a legitimate one.  Here is one that pays 50 cents for every survey and up to $15 for trying certain products.  When you first sign up, they will ask you to sign up with three other survey sites (I almost walked away at this point), but it is well worth it.  Here is the link….
  8. Work hard and have fun!

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