My Happiness – Episode 1 – The Girl – Part 1/2

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My Happiness – EPISODE 1 The girl

Saturday 5th august 2006

Scene 1 – in shopping centre

(Imdad, Iqbal and Mozaquir are shopping through the mall. They walk near to McDonalds)

Imdad (very happily) its such a nice day to come out dad. isn’t it? Just look at the beauty of the sky and the brightness of the sun!
Iqbal – (sniffs the air) hey sniff the air as well its fresh!
Imdad – (he sniffs the air but he puts on an unpleasant reaction) nah this smells like dog shit!
Mozaquir – (spots the dog shit on the floor and points to it) dog shits there! (to a security guard) Security guard look someone’s dog pooped on the floor!

(Security guard arrives and cleans the mess with a good quality tissue)

Mozaquir – it’s a dirty world sometimes isn’t it?
Guard – (cleaning the mess) yes that’s true! I hate working sometimes because you need to keep the street clean by doing stuff just like this!
Mozaquir – oh I am so sorry!
Guard – nah it doesn’t matter!
Mozaquir – (walking off with Imdad and Iqbal) well it was a pleasure talking but I’ll be off! Make sure you don’t spill any of it on yourself or anyone else!
Guard – don’t worry I won’t!

(Mozaquir, Iqbal and Imdad disappear in the crowd of people in town. Guard stares into the crowd and gives a smile but a bicycler bumps into the guard causing him to drop the dog droppings onto a child. The child starts crying)

Scene 2 – Buying some clothes

(Mozaquir, Imdad and Iqbal enter JJB sports. Inside there are customers searching for different kinds of clothes to buy. Tillman returns the change and receipt belonging to the customer who bought some jeans and a few jumpers)

Iqbal – dad I want a lovely top which has cool fabulous designs!
Mozaquir – then help yourself! Pick something good but not expensive!

(Iqbal and Imdad walk in different directions and into the selection of clothes)

Scene 3 – The Ali house

(Aneetha walks towards Syed Akhtar and smiles at her)

Aneetha – Akhtar have you gotten the sweets ready?
Akhtar – yes mum its all done!
Aneetha – (relieved laughter) oh thank you so much daughter you have done a great job! Now our celebration of becoming a great family is going to go very smoothly! There would have been a problem if you didn’t get them ready.

(Rakesh walks to them in a very good mood and hugs Aneetha)

Rakesh – truly mum our family is so loving and caring that we might not ever be counted in as the worst family in Burnley!

Aneetha – (slaps Rakesh very softly on the chin) you chubby boy! Since when did you think about this families well being!
Rakesh – I actually noticed it through all these weeks! And I thought to myself that our family has changed!
Aneetha – (laughs) well you are right my son!

(Malini walks to Rakesh very quickly)

Malini – Rakesh have you seen the thirty quid I had in my pocket? I can’t seem to find it!
Rakesh – have you checked in my wallet?
Malini – no because I thought you’ve got yours! And you know I’m not that sort of a person to look into someone else’s wallet!

(Aneetha and Akhtar both look at each other and smile)

Rakesh – ok you might find it in that wallet of mine its located in my suit pocket hung on the hanger.
Malini – thanks! (she walks off but stops after realizing what the money is doing in his wallet. She turns to him and starts walking towards him again)

Can you tell me what my money was doing in your wallet?

Rakesh – (thinking hard) erm your money probablydoes..ntlike you?
Malini – well that would go into the fantasy story! Wallets or money don’t come alive nor do they have feelings of hating or loving someone!
Rakesh – erwho told you I am lying?
Malini – (grabs a broomstick) after THIS I would know if you lied or not!
Rakesh – your not going to
Malini – yes I am!
Rakesh – you didn’t let me finish my sentence!
Malini – their’s no need honey!

(Malini and Rakesh both smile and Malini starts chasing Rakesh. Aneetha and Akhtar both laugh)

Aneetha – see Akhtar! Our daughter in law can be trustworthy. She doesn’t like touching other people’s belongings! And that proves, our family is great!

Scene 4 – Get me a game console!

(Mozaquir, Iqbal and Imdad leave the JJB sports shop and they walk close to Game station’)

Iqbal – (lying) oh dad did you know you’re the best!
Mozaquir – oh thanks son! That has really made me happy!
Imdad – oh yeah as if he means it dad. You don’t have to believe him!
Iqbal – (whispering to Imdad) brother keep quiet! We want our PS3 right?
Mozaquir – wrong! I can’t get you it!

(Iqbal and Imdad both moan)

Mozaquir – sorry boys its just that I don’t have enough money to buy something like that for you! If only I had a job and lots of money I could have gotten anything.
Imdad – your lying! You and Aneetha have plenty of money
Mozaquir – which are for the bills! Imdad, money doesn’t come from trees alright? You need to work hard to get it! And that is what me and Aneetha have done! We don’t have jobs but we receive income support!
Iqbal – can’t you buy the game console with that money?
Mozaquir – I can but it would be a waste of money! The government don’t give income support for no reason. They give it for us to pay our bills! You know, the payments for gas, electricity and water.
Imdad – oh yeah sorry dad! I forgot about that!
Mozaquir – and by the way I am paying the money which you spend in using your room lights and having a shower!
Iqbal – oh yeah sorry dad.
Mozaquir – its ok but if I ever have enough money I might decide to get you a PS3. Ok?

Imdad + Iqbal (very happily) ok. We love you dad! (They both hug Mozaquir)

Scene 5 – At The Ali house

(Imdad, Iqbal and Mozaquir reach home and they see 2 men with a teenage girl inside their house)

Aneetha (angrily) how many times do we have to tell you that no one in this house has adopted this crazy girl! don’t you still understand!
Man1 – why don’t you try to understand! Someone had signed the adopting papers legally! This is no mistake!
Aneetha – yes there is a mistake! I know no one in my house, my family would adopt a child without permission
Man2 – oh really? Let me ask each person in here right now!
Aneetha – fine ask them!
Man1 – (to Rakesh) did you adopt this girl?
Rakesh – no sir!

(man1 asks everyone but their answer is no. then he asks Mozaquir)

Mozaquir – yes it was me!

(Everyone including the party guests put on a surprised expression)


End of part 1 


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