My Happiness – Intro and characters

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My Happiness


A story about a girl who is adopted into the Ali family by Mozaquir. Her name is Thahmin Crueller and she is an orphan. If only her fake family gives her the love of a real family then she can call the members of the Ali family her own. But is the Ali family willing to accept Thahmin into their lives? Will they prove that they are the greatest family in Burnley? Or are they a family that will hide their inner feelings about other people. Will Thahmin ever be accepted into the Ali family and explore that being in a family is a dream or a nightmare that never ends? Will she ever be able to prove to the Ali family that she is worthy of being called a daughter? Read this beautiful story about Thahmin, her family and the two words she would love to accomplish which she had never gotten to see before which is My Happiness’.



Thahmin Ali
Imdad Ali
Iqbal Ali
Aneetha Ali
Mozaquir Ali
Shafi Choudhury
Anurag Ali
Syed Akhtar
Sameer Ginshore
Megha Ali
Rakesh Ali
Sangeet Kapoor


Malini Ali
Raj Kanderwal
Akash Ali
Mr Verma
Savi Kanderwal
Uma Ginshore
Rohit Sharma
Tina Mukherjee
Mulan Gibson

Married and family couples

Akhtar Anurag Malini Rakesh

Akhtar wife 23 Malini wife 24
Anurag husband 29 Rakesh husband 35

Ali’s family

Mozaquir farther 60
Aneetha mother 58
Rakesh eldest son 35
Malini eldest daughter in law 24
Anurag 2nd eldest son 39
Akhtar 2nd eldest daughter in law 23
Akash 3rd eldest son 25
Imdad 4th eldest son 16
Thahmin eldest daughter 16
Iqbal 5th eldest son 14
Megha youngest daughter 11

Sameer’s family

Uma grandma (Sameer’s mother) 50
Sameer farther 25
Savi mother 23
Putul eldest son 14
Sumo 2nd eldest son 13
Tiktik eldest daughter 12

Character information

Thahmin Ali – a 16 year old teenage girl who wants to see her own happiness while living in the Ali families house. She can be shy when meeting new people and she loves to make friends. She respects people who help her when she needs it.

Imdad Ali – a 16 year old teenage boy who respects people he meets. Particularly he feels sorry for people who others don’t respect. He can get a little angry when certain people act very negative towards his own friends and family.

Mozaquir Ali – he is the king of the Ali family and he knows what he does is right for his own family. He tries his level best to keep the family as one and keeping it in good reputation.

Aneetha Ali – a very sly character at times who acts very negative towards many people. It may be that she has a past history with certain people. She hates Shafi so much that she wishes he dies. She thinks Shafi is the cause for Imdad’s ill mannered behaviour sometimes. She also doesn’t like Thahmin because she thinks Thahmin will be the reason for her families destruction.

Shafi Choudhury – a 16 year old innocent boy who always wishes good for Imdad and Thahmin. They are very good friends and Shafi would do anything to save Imdad and Thahmin.
He likes calling Aneetha his aunty but Aneetha doesn’t find it sweet but annoying and disgusting. He lives alone without a family. Their might be a history of what happened to Shafi’s family.


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