Twilight: Vampires!

All of the vampire chacters in the Twilight story are described as breathtakingly beautiful, and have incredible senses and powers as predators.

All vampires have extremely pale skin. Their eye color varies with their diet and their thirst. For example, the Cullen family members all are described as having golden eyes, because of their “vegeterian” eating habits; they drink the blood of animals rather than humans, so they can live in peace amoung human communities. Other vampires who do drink human blood, like the Volturi coven, newborn vampires and the nomads Laurent, James and Victoria, have red eyes. All of their eyes turn darker, and even black as their thirst gets stronger.

Vampires also have extremely hightened senses. For example, they can see in super high definition, and see some small things human eyes can’t see. And their sense of smell is similar to that of a shark’s; Sharks can smell one drop of blood a quater of a mile away. Their hearing must also be incredible, because some of the characters in the books are said to be whispering, yet the vampires can hear what is being said from a distance, or from another room. Some vampires also have a extra special sense or ability, like Edward, Alice, Japser and some of the Volturi. These senses are supposed to appear only after one becomes a vampire; something unique from the human life is transfered into the vampire life this way.

The Twilight vampires have incredible physical traits, too. Their skin is icy cold, and hard like marble. These vampries cannot go into the sun, not because they’ll melt, but because their skin sparkles like diamonds. They do not need to breathe, but many do out of habit, to speak and to smell. Super speed and super strength are also vampire default abilities; these are demonstrated in Twilight, the novel and the movie, when the Cullens play a game of vampire baseball. Vampires are extremely hard to kill, and probably impossible to do if you’re human. Even if a limb is lost, or a laceration is inflicted, vampires can keep on going, and the lost limb will keep moving on its own. The only way to terminate a vampire is to rip their body apart, so much so that its unrecognizable, and burn all the pieces.

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