Ways to find a job during a recession

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To get a job during a recession, you must first stop feeling frustrated. Feeling frustrated or depressed is not going to change the fact that the market is suffering.  In addition, it will only serve to make it more difficult for you, the job seeker, to look for opportunities.  You must change the way you think to then take action. Acknowledge that it is going to be difficult to find a job. Acknowledge that you will have to think outside the box and look for alternative places and methods to find a job. 

Networking is th most advised tactic in looking for a job during a recession.   This includes friends, family, coworkers, and professional contacts. Inform them that you are seeking a job. Explain in detail, your past job title and expereince and your credentials and type of job you are seeking. In a recession, jobs are obtained by networking.  Sometimes it is not who you know, but who knows the person you know.  Since hiring is a lengthy process, and the candadite list is very long, most employers are willing to first look at someoe that is recommended.   You are more likely to be hired as you are coming recommended and there is an identifier to the resume, instead of being just another resume in the stack.  

Be prepared to cold call different stores or companies. Using the internet to post a resume or apply may result in a few return calls , emails or interviews. Remember, you are among many qualified candidates looking for a job. Going to the actual location and personally meeting with the supervisor or person hiring will help you to stand out from the rest.

Consider a different job, career field or alternative job.  Consider a field that is different than the one you are in currently, but would be considered a qualified candidate. For example, if you are an art teacher, but are not employed, you could seek a position as an activity therapist or art therapist or a private art instructor.  Do not  be adverse to taking a completely different.  YOU WILL STILL BE AN ART TEACHER, BUT MAY NEED TO WORK AT STARBUCKS TEMPORARILY. 

Money:   Be willing to consider a decrease in pay, possibly even a significant decrease in pay.   A job making less is still a better position than not having a job. Taking a job you do not necessarily like or are in agreement with the pay, can be a temporary solution or may even be the ideal job you would have stayed away from because of the pay. 


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