When Two Become One

It is the principle of unity that brings two people in marriage. Thus, Two become one entity. This marital principle is probably absurd to some people who are skeptic about marriage. The becoming one is not a physical transformation of course. It is rather more on the mental, social, emotional and even spiritual connection of the couple.

Personally, I do believe that if married couple do not have one mind over simple things then the relationship is going to conk out. I do understand that some couple have special arrangement but if they literally live their lives separately, this I mean making their own decision without considering the spouse, or doing things on their own, anything of that sort then it would be better they have not gotten themselves into marriage because it will eventually result to break up.

Building a healthy relationship needs investing time together. It has a need of doing things together. It makes you and your spouse cultivate your relationship. Spending time with your spouse builds up a stronger relationship with one another.

I am not saying that it is the ultimate key for a lasting marriage. It is one of the vital factors in developing a good relationship. Marriage is a complex bond. It is even like a composite plant. It is made of many florets to resemble one huge flower. Marriage is in such a way like that. There are many multiple factors comprising it in order to establish a happy, dynamic and lasting marriage.

However, complex as it is, these factors are doable and possible. Being in union with your spouse, one factor that you need to consider is becoming more altruistic. This factor is needed so that you will be able to think of what you can do for your spouse. For example, you husband loves basketball and you don’t, but every time you go out, he always head to the sport’s section in the department store, so what should you do? Another situation, your wife enjoys trying on the recent cosmetics every time you go out shopping, what would you do at your end? At first, it is maybe difficult. But it is not hard as you think it is. When you are just open to the things that interest him or her, then perhaps you might enjoy looking at the new gears in sports or maybe dutiful with your spouse trying on the new cosmetics. Instead of being critical to what he or she truly likes or enjoys, you can be insightful to what should be best for him or her especially when he or she is contemplating in buying some of the things in store.

Spending time together does not necessarily mean doing the things he or she likes, by just being there for your spouse with his or her interests is a good thing already.

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