American Idol Really Pushing Adam Lambert Going Into the Finale Against Kris Allen

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As many people are well aware American Idol uses some subtle tactics to sway voters in one direction or another. Here lately this has been very evident with Adam Lambert because here in the final weeks they have really been pushing him with several obvious tactics. I just wonder if Kris Allen even has a chance going into the American Idol finale?

Let’s just start by looking at this last week of the show. They obviously showed Danny Gokey and Kris Allen getting mobbed by fans in their hometown. Big surprise that happens every year with the top 3 contestants. However they showed Adam Lambert in a different light. Yes they showed the crazed fans but they also showed him singing the national anthem in front of a huge American flag and then mentoring little kids as well. Why didn’t they show him save a puppy or baby from a well why they were at it? Then to top it all off Katy Perry comes out to sing and has Adam Lambert written on the back of her outfit.

Then you have Paula Abdul who stares at Adam Lambert like a school girl in a daze before a single note even leaves his lips. Her actions and the way she treats the more attractive males on the show is totally unprofessional but that’s just my opinion. The show is really gonna go downhill is Simon Cowell leaves because he is the only judge on the show worthy of giving a chance to speak.

I’m probably being over critical of the show but it just gets under my skin how in the past they seemingly have already had a winner picked out with weeks left on the show. Jordin Sparks had multiple ties to American Idol cast members and writers and her performances were even changed for the recaps to make her look better the second time around to viewers that missed the original.

I guess we have to tune in next week to see if Kris Allen or Adam Lambert take home the crown and win the American Idol finale. Does Kris Allen really have a shot at winning the American Idol finale? I doubt the people at American Idol let Adam Lambert sing in that coveted last spot 5 or 6 times this year without thinking about him winning the show.


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