Love Yourself and Increase Confidence

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Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you feel positive when you see your reflection in the mirror, or is it tainted by skepticism? If you don’t feel as good about yourself as you should, try picking out all the great things about yourself while standing in front of a mirror. Take a container of lipstick and make an X on every part of you that is amazing or that you at least enjoy about yourself. Then, take a picture, while standing in the same spot. Print the picture out and hang it on the mirror. Look at it everyday to remind you where the lipstick marks pointed to the most amazing parts about you.

Make a list of all the characteristics you possess. Are you smart? Good at sports? Or are you a great mother, friend, or wife? Write anything down about you that you know is great. Have others, who love you, tell you what they think of you. Write those positive attributes down as well. Keep that list near by at all times. Whenever you get down or are hard on yourself, pull that list out and review it. Know that you have great characteristics that others see as well. I know you can find some amazingly positive things about yourself that you like.

Pat yourself on the back daily. When you’ve accomplished something, be it simple, or more complex, reward yourself with a pat on the back. Even if you made it through a hard work day or overcame your child’s temper tantrum, tell yourself how great you did and how wonderfully strong you are. Compliment yourself everyday, at least once. Tell yourself that you made it through a difficult day or completed a task you’ve been wanting to do. Always be grateful to yourself for doing your best and finishing or overcoming something you didn’t think you could. Even if all you did was make a great pasta salad.

Loving yourself means increasing your confidence. Confidence comes from knowing you are a great person and can do great things. Believe in yourself. If this is tough for you…fake it! Smile daily, even when you don’t feel like it. Walk with a straight posture instead of slumping. Hold yourself up high even when you feel down. These little acts of faking confidence will actually bring you confidence. Think about all the great things you have in your life. Know that you put them there. None of that would be possible without you. Have confidence in the fact that you are the connecting factor to all the great things you have. Your family is great because you’re a part of them, your friends are fun because you are around, your job is good because you are a hard worker. Whatever it takes, find confidence in all you do.

Look your best everyday. When you go to work, get ready in the morning by doing yourself up the best you can. Look the part, and you’ll find confidence and love within yourself. If you dress sloppy and don’t do your hair or makeup, you won’t feel as good about yourself. You don’t have to take hours to get ready, but keep yourself looking nice. Keep hair cut and colored (if you color it), nails cut or manicured, skin fresh and clean, and always smell nice. The better you look to yourself, the more confidence you’ll exhibit, and the happier you will feel.


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