Decalogue for the actor

 The actor who wishes to be placed in the black list, only needs to insist nearly time, in one or more of the following iniquities

1) He can lack to the tests without permission. In the professional theater this means a fine or the dismissal. In an independent theater organized good means the complete loss of the confidence of the director and the cease of supplies of papers.

2)  Or it can offer subtle or egoistic excuses when ignore they possibly say cannot try Saturday at night, I must go to a dance. Phrases like that (perhaps), have cut many flourishing theater races. The individuals that prefer any other form to please to the one of the action, or still to the one of the test, have perfect right to preferences, but they do not take place in the theater, as they do not have those either do not know to appreciate loyalty towards his groups of comrades, when lacking to the tests.

 He does not interest the brevity of the paper, the actor must remember that the others depend on him, and can need to try although he does not need it. A paper does not have to be accepted if it is not known to also accept his obligations.  

3) It can arrive behind schedule at the tests. This it is safe means to make to the apprehensive director when fearing that also it arrives behind schedule at the functions, being done to him live dying the night in which it cannot raise the curtain because it is not possible to find to anybody of the list. To a youngster of my knowledge that shouted that she was crazy by the Theater it gave the opportunity him of being tried in a paper.

It arrived one hour the tests later. – Oh, I always arrive behind schedule is obvious to add that they did not give the paper him.

 4) It can be present in the tests, but been relaxing, having somebody to shake it to remember his entrance to him, it can remain in another room playing cards, or to count, in a corner the history of its life to a young girl  … If it wishes to infuriate the director can answer thus they call when it. Ah. I enter this scene which page is that has a script.

I left mine it in house. Or taking a book, opening it and to begin to read in a page that does not correspond. And if it wishes to run the risk of being assassinated or at least placed in the black list, I could say to the called being. It can wait for a minute until One of most intelligent finishes and charming independent actresses who I have known and whose collaboration was very requested, it was placed in the black list because it did not demonstrate good will in the tests, even though they were realized, for his convenience, in its house never was it when it corresponded to him to enter, had to pause and to obstruct the test while somebody was going to look for it.  

5) It can be allowed to laugh or to chat in lateral or the neighborhoods the Director tries to lead the test. If it wishes to be especially offensive can reunite two or three twin souls in a corner and count obscene stories, the peculiar crude laughter whereupon such stories are received is probably the most exasperating noise with the one than the people can be punished who try to create a work of imagination.  

6) The personage or the location can leave in the tests, whenever a pause or interruption to the Director becomes.

The actor who gives samples of his boredom sitting down or

 Igniting a cigarette whenever the action pauses, does not want to learn to act, nor aid to the others.

 7) It can prove its attachment to the work becoming co-director, and indicating to the director or the other actors the best form to him to make the things. No intelligent director denies a good suggestion, offered with modesty and at the opportune moment. But nor director nor actors could to stop being irritated when another actor interrupts continuously, especially, with suggestions to play the more his own role attractive, still to the detriment of the others or of the work.

 8) He can adopt the opposed attitude, of complete disinterestedness by the problems of the director. Tell that wants I will do and it. It does not worry to me, for is the same?

It could naturally accept the indications of the director, although they seem mistaken. Because a thing is to cooperate with good intention in I raise of the director and very another one to reject to all interest or responsibility and to assume an insolent or indifferent attitude.

9) May be pleased to shine as a feast to enjoy through the trials of their own black pudding, making a mockery of women, laughing and director of displaying great virtuosity comedian at all, except in their role.

10) It can take his hat and leave to house so soon to finished trying his great scene, or can interrupt the director more occupied at the time to say You to him you do not need to me more tonight, truth I only have three lines in the last scene and anyone can say them by my. It can, with facility, to duplicate the order taking with him young girl.

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