"Octomom," Money-Hungry Matriarch

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Nadya Suleman is, by far, one of the most selfish individuals the media has ever introduced us to. Her sideshow name, “Octomom,” says more about her parenting skills than anything else that has been said about her so far.

Since giving birth to eight children on January 26, 2009, four of which were kept in the hospital for several weeks due to health problems, Octomom has done very little to prove that she deserves the title, mother. Before becoming known as Octomom, Suleman was already the “mother,” of six children who, like the recently born octuplets, were allfatherlessly conceived through in vitro fertilization. Three of those six children were born with disabilities linked to complications with her fertility treatments. Suleman, jobless, living with her elderly parents and disabled children, and on food stamps decided that more in vitro fertilization was a good idea. On its own, these facts are enough to prove to any reasonable person that this woman is someone who makes poor decisions and is therefore most likely incapable of raising even a single child, let alone fourteen. 

But why stop there when there are so many other reasons that this woman should have her mother card torn up? At every turn, Nadya Suleman has shown the world that she is after fame, publicity, and money, not motherhood. For the last few days, Suleman has been telling reporters that rumors about her signing on to a reality show deal were false. Today, confirmed reports have been released that a deal has been reached. Suleman claims that the project is not a reality show, but a series of documentaries, weekly documentaries…that will air on television…but I digress. In her own words to reporters today, “What I’m doing with this TV show is basically creating documentaries about the lives of my children. It’s going to be an ongoing thing, and it will follow them from now until they are 18.”

Nadya Suleman’s financial situation has been suspect from the very beginning. There have been over six documented accounts of Octomom spending thousands of dollars on clothing and make-up since giving birth in January. She has been photographed shopping at places like Mac and Bebe Sport. Undoubtedly, she is receiving money for photographs and interviews. One would think that a woman with no job and fourteen mouths to feed would spend her money on more practical things. Even before she became famous, Suleman admitted to spending over $30,000 on fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization, and this was during the time that her home (or herparents’ home) was in foreclosure because she was behind on her house payments by $24,000. And please do not forget the fact that Suleman was receiving food stamps for her children before this “non-reality show,” deal. She was also using her student loans to pay her bills and feed her children. 

I personally do not believe for one second that Nadya Suleman has ever had a problem finding money. Furthermore, she has allegedly used taxpayer’s money to help buy things like lipstick for her collagen-injected pout. These are not the actions of someone who deserves to be responsible for the love and care of fourteen children. Why, oh why hasn’t someone stepped in and taken these children away from her when she has continued to act in a way that is morally reprehensible? She deliberately decided to have more children when three of her six kids already had disabilities due to her fertility treatments. How could any mother with sick kids deliberately do something that would mean less time with those children? How could any mother choose to raise a family of this size without a father? How could any mother go shopping for designer clothes when she has two sick babies in the hospital? How could any mother spend $1500 on clothing for herself when she has no job and fourteen children at home? 

No real mother would do these things. These are the actions of a selfish individual who is not rational and seeks only financial gain on the guise of innocently wanting a large family. Suleman has decided to attempt totrademark the name, “Octomom,” in order to cash in on the word whenever it is used. When I first sat down and thought about this, I was totally against the idea of her making even one more penny off of her sick children, but then I realized that the title, Octomom, is a very sideshow-like name. Overall, I think that title reflects Suleman’s character very well, and if it keeps that woman from calling herself a mother, I’m all for it.


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