BasketBall Mini Games

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here are 6 fun basketball games that you and your friends could play.


In 21 players take it in turns to shoot at the goal. If they score a goal they get one point. Play continues until someone gets 21 points and therefore is the winner.

Extreme 21

Extreme 21 follows the same rules as 21 but this time every time you or another player gets a goal they can have another shot and another if they get that until they miss.

21 angles

21 angles follows the same rules as normal 21 but to get more points you can go diagonally scoring you 2 points instead of 1.

Extreme 21 angles

Extreme 21 angles follows the same rules as 21 angles but every time you score all goal you get another shot like in Extreme 21.


This is a totally different game. Each player choose and number in the fives times table between 10 and 100. Now that player shoots the number of goals he/she picked. So say if they picked 50 then they would shoot 50 times. Now you calculate the number of goals like you got 20 out of 50, you would then turn that into a percentage (40%). Whoever has the biggest average wins. NOTE: You can play this one player just trying to beat your average.


For this game you need a stop watch. Players take it in turns to dribble across the pitch and back being timed. Whoever has the shortest time wins! NOTE: if you drop the ball add 5seconds onto your time.


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