Relationships Advises

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Your female companion keep stressing you out everyday. She gets mad at stupid reasons. You dont know what to do cause you are afraid she might break up with you but however you are too nice to get mad back. What do you do? Well, of course you both need to meet each others needs. It may be hard but if it doesnt work I suggest you give each other space for a while. Trust me if you dont,the relationship will go down the drain and into the ocean. Your boyfriend companion always stressing you out tryin to control you,telling you where to go, telling you who to hang out with, My advise to you is to leave him unless you like to be a slave for the rest of your life. If you are trying to leave somebody but dont know what to leave him for and you are scared cause that person is too perfect, my advise to you is to broke up with him face to face. Trust me it makes you alot stronger that way. You are in a perfect relationship but you think the other person is cheating on you. Well, you cant ask him cause if you do he will say no of course. You could go sneak around and get some proof. Trust me the person cant cheat on you all his life. If your man is abusive and you love him so much my advise to you is to leave him before he kills you. I don’t mean to be rude but Im telling the truth. He might do something even crazier that might put you in the hospital. I hope this helps I’ve been through alot of bad relationships, I know whats going to happen before it happens and good luck with your relationships. 


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