Be Prepared Before You Die

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Die is a common words that you have heared. Die in my article is you will not exist in the wolrd. You will be staying in another world. So would you should prepared before to will die? Everybody will not expect when they will go. Nobodies knows. Because we are not GOD that know everything. So what will you prepared before you die.

1) Always pray to your GOD. Say thanks a lot that made you as human in the world. You have everything that you need. You have a beautiful face, perfect body, life for the long time, family and everything.

2) Being a good person. Be everybody like you. When everybody loves you, you will get more percentage loves by a GOD.

3) Develop you family with a beautiful life. Loves your wife and kids. Responsible while you are be father and mother. This is good point that you will get peace on the other world later on.

4) Save more money to your family. Get much saving before you will leave them. They will continue staying alive when you die. Do not put the too big responsible to your wife to take care your kids especially a money for life.

5) Protect all your family with Insurance. Insurance will reduce your family to pay all your debt. Remember when you die, all you family will continue paying all your debt. Or make any agreement to solved all your debt when you die.

6) Lets your wife knows what are you doing in your life. Do not pretend to your wife. Get know all  job that you do to your wife. For example your Banking Password, Your Paypal Password, where you are working and so on. All this thing must be know to your wife or family. If anything happen to you, they know where to go make any claim or settle your issue. Do not make any affliction to your family.

7) Please make your last will to your lawyer. Last will is very important to divide all your property to all your wife and kids. If you did not make it, your family will be in trouble.

This is afe things that you need to prepared before you die. Remember, do not make any encumbranced to your family when you die later. Keep you rest in peace.

Article By : Chuckiesd


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